Optical Materials  © 2002 D.W.Vidrine

Beginning in undergraduate college, I've attempted to collate available data on materials whenever it was relevant to a project.  Many projects later, I compiled this into a table of optical materials properties, and I've recently parsed this information into a series of tables.  These data are neither complete nor completely correct, but I have found them useful in the intitial "brainstorming" phases of design projects. I do NOT sell optical materials!

This material is copyrighted, and reproduction is forbidden without permission in writing. You may obtain permission to print a single copy for personal use by first e-mailing or mailing a request to Vidrine Consulting, 1303 Domador, San Clemente, CA 92673. Be sure to include your full name, business address, phone numbers, and purpose.  For additional information, contact Warren Vidrine at wv@vidrine.com, tel +1 (949) 489-8372.
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