IR Correlations  © 1997 D.W.Vidrine

Beginning in graduate school, as I did near-IR, mid-IR, and far-IR spectral interpretation for research and applications development, I kept notes and annotated charts whenever those excellent but already-ancient Beckman charts didn't convey what I saw.  Starting in 1986, I transcribed these notes into a graphics file, and I have been using and revising it in this form since then.  I've now converted this into .html format and posted it on the web as an item of possible interest to spectroscopists. I do NOT sell these charts!

These charts contain correlations between structure and infrared absorptions.  The information was collected over many years of infrared applications development and necessarily reflects my experiences.  These data are neither complete nor completely correct, but I have found them useful in spectral interpretation.

IR absorption strengths vary, and the band illustrations are simply intended to convey a qualitative impression of relative intensity.  Band interpretation notes are sometimes speculative.  The charts begin with zero wavenumbers on the left (with a scale of 10 cm-1/pixel), and group absorptions are color-coded according to the kind of atoms probably involved in the vibration:

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