NIR Polymer Library  © 2001 D.W.Vidrine

Several years ago I compiled a photometrically accurate 6 cm-1 resolution spectral library of 18 common extrudable polymer resins.  The unusual feature of this library is that each spectrum is a collage of several spectra of different thicknesses of the resin, normalized to produce a single photometrically accurate spectrum of the polymer with a linear photometric range over about 5 orders of absorbance magnitude.  The "absorbance scale" is calculated for a 50 µm thickness, even though multiple resin thicknesses from several millimeters down to a few micrometers were measured for each resin.  Index-matching was used to minimize Christensen contributions to the thinnest samples.  When needed (e.g., paper), index matching and a successive-approximation approach were used to approximately null scattering contributions to the absorbance value.  The best and most typical examples available of each polymer were selected, but in most cases the exact source of the resin cannot be revealed.  The spectra are presented both in JCAMP .dx format and in Galactic .spc format.
EVA .dx .spc
EVOH_HI .dx .spc
EVOH_LO .dx .spc
EVOH_STD .dx .spc
KAP .dx .spc
MAE .dx .spc
PA .dx .spc
PAPER .dx .spc
PC .dx .spc
PE .dx .spc
PET .dx .spc
PMMA .dx .spc
PP .dx .spc
PS .dx .spc
PTFE .dx .spc
PVC .dx .spc
PVDC .dx .spc
SUR .dx .spc

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